My Story

It was 1980 something and this happened...

It was always around from my grandfather taking awesome photos to seeing my uncle’s photos in magazines and the huge VHS video recorder we used for birthdays and holidays. I would walk around carrying it around pretending to make movies. That was the start of my love for photography and videography. 

Later in life I had my fist daughter Hailey and after years of using point and shoot cameras I decided to buy my first dslr camera to better document her and our family’s life and I was more hooked than ever! I took it everywhere, it was just amazing how much more I could do with it. From there I learned everything I could and kept growing. Eventually I was asked by friends to  take photos as a job and that’s when I decided I wanted to do this for a living.

Now here we are, I now have a successful photo and video company that my daughter Kayla wants to take over one day and that is awesome!

I have the best team!

Without the right crew it wouldn’t be the same. We work so great together and always have fun with our amazing couples!

Melissa has been with me as my main second shooter not too long after I started my business. Besides being my awesome second shooter and the best dress fluffer, she is now helping run the office with taking on new wedding couples. 

Cristian is my go to videographer and has been for a few years now since we started offering video services. Besides his talents he’s a fun happy guy that always seems to find ways to connect with anyone and everyone at the weddings which of course helps to capture great footage!