It's not enough to simply SNAP a photo!!!

Let's do this!It's not enough to simply SNAP a photo!!!

Capturing your story!

Shooting weddings are about capturing the essence. Like…your uncle’s oaky cigars, the sight of kids giggling playing tag, the authenticity of the maid of honor’s speech, the southern charm of your grandma and the warmth of rustic decorations filling the venue with love.

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“Jason was the best photographer we could ask for. Someone that was there to catch the great moments without having to force them. We had the photo booth addition and that was great as well. It’s fabulous to look back on memories and be transported back in time by someones artistry. Jason spent lots of time planning our albums and really be honest and upfront with what to purchase in the end. We couldn’t have asked for a more talented photographer to work with :-). He won’t disappoint!!!

-Amanda and Joe-

Why every moment matters...


You only get one night. One night you’ll remember for the rest of your life. That means every moment counts. Every eye flutter, every tear, the reconnection of distant relatives, the smell of expensive suits, white linen and the stunned gaze of the groom. There is always a story behind every picture and all the emotions and senses are captured with every snap.

What’s my formula?

I define my style as creative photojournalism. I like to photograph events naturally as they unfold, and I am able to capture these events through my own creative lens. Throughout our shoot, I will also offer some guidance from time to time when necessary and even offer some suggestions on simple poses to help bring out the best in you.

We can’t possibly say enough good things about Pierce Photography. Jason walked us through our Wedding Day (and the planning stages) with ease and professionalism, and made us feel confident that memories of our day would be captured beautifully for us to remember down the road. The photos are absolutely AMAZING- he really does have an artistic eye and wasn’t afraid to literally get down in the dirt to get the perfect shot. Highly recommend Jason and Pierce Photography!”

-Cara and Adam-

If your heart lies by the countryside…

If you’re planning a nature-esk, beautiful ‘in-the-sticks’ rustic wedding, I’m the ‘best-man’ to not only capture the barn out back, and the beautiful fields stretching the horizon but also the ambiance of a country wedding. On top of that, I love to add a rustic style to every photo, I make sure the depth is right, the seasons are showing and I’ll try to fit a tractor in every now and then.

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